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15th-Feb-2008 06:57 pm - Introductions
I never know what to do with introductions.

1: I could, use my best intimidating stare to make someone respond to me. I am certain the translation would be lost in text.

2: I could, waffle on just talking about me. No doubt, it will leave people with the impression I do not breathe and I love myself.

3: I could, sit here quietly twiddling my thumbs, waiting for someone to come fall over me and realize I am actually here. Which would make for quite an introduction, no?

What could I do? How about, I just tell my name and leave it at that.

My name is, Martell. Marty if we are friends.

The only time neither name works, is when I am doing introduction number one. In that instance please DO call me, Sir.
2nd-Feb-2008 11:48 pm - New community: muse_pens
Pens Mod

The concept of muse_pens is simple. Responses can be anything your muse would put pen to paper for. For example, this could be a diary or journal, notes, telephone messages, postcards, medical records if they are doctors, case notes if they are police, file notes if they are lawyers, letters, Post-Its, lists, death threats, a message in a bottle, a schedule, lyrics, a personal ad, newspaper adverts or columns, – ANYTHING that your muse might write down. The list goes on and if your muse would write it down, it can be used as a response.

Any and all welcome to apply to join! The application process is relatively pain-free unless you prefer otherwise!

muse_pens is affiliated with the music!centric community, muse_shuffle
2nd-Feb-2008 08:32 am(no subject)
My name is, Tinkerbell.

Clap your hands if you believe.
29th-Jan-2008 02:41 pm - FANGIRL!
I have to FANGIRL this thread. It's nothing but Mary Sue crack and it is awesome. I love the Prince in 'Enchanted' and this is simply too perfect for words:

I've been dreaming of a true love's kiss!
27th-Jan-2008 07:40 pm - Hello!
It's nice to meet you! My name is Buffy!

I'm a Slayer. It was 'the' Slayer but recent updates to my programming inform me that an alteration to ancient mystical laws has resulted in the activation of all Potential slayers. That means there's lots of us! Many more forces of evil in the world can now be stopped!

Because that is what a Slayer does; fight demons, vampires and vanquish evil!

I have some great friends but I would like to meet more! My best friends are Willow and Xander. She's a witch and also gay. Xander wears an eyepatch but isn't a pirate as pirates also have wooden legs. He could make a wooden leg with his carpentry skills! There is also Dawn, the sister of the other Buffy. She has recently learned that having questionable sexual morals leads to unfavourable consequences. Young people will be young people.

How are you?
27th-Jan-2008 08:04 am - Pimping this place!!
Show me
After seeing the fantastic response to this great thread it became obvious that a great number of 'muns, and their muses, are probably unaware of this comm - and probably because the comm has never really been pimped advertised! So, here goes...

This comm is for you, the writer/scribe/muse-afflicted peon/'puppet-master'/enslaved/one in charge(HA!!)/confused citizen of the world wondering what happened to your spare time.

It's also for your muse/pup/character/whip-cracking slave driver/the headmates of your whip-cracking slave driver/*#&%^^#$*%)(# hogger of your time and creativity!

It's the Green Room! You can intro your pup, yourself, ask questions about RPing, prompt writing, the weather in western Siberia or the resorts of the Maldives. Or anywhere else for that matter.

It's the comm that is open for all and specific to none (well, asshats and trolls really aren't welcome and there's a few mods with very large boots who will plant them pretty snappily in/on asshats and trolls).

Whether it's a muse starting to make themselves felt and looking to meet others, or at least try out their wings, or you looking for information on one of the many many prompt writing communities around the place, or seeking a new RPG, or an old one that's truckin' along and got activity... ask here. Needless to say you might not always get an answer, as everyone could be out on stage in the current act taking place there - but hey, this is the Green Room and it's where most of the stuff behind the scenes not so much of the 'making scenes' - remember those mod boots? happens!

So join in, pimp the prompt writing comm you adore, or ask about a fandom you've just discovered, or unleash a new muse, or say hi to one who's just been unleashed (and is tentatively hanging on by the skin of their teeth to the wallpaper hoping it absorbs them quickly if nothing works!). Fangirl/boy a thread, a comm, a writer, a muse, an event, or whatever you want.

And let others know they can join in and do the same!

Have fun!

PS - and no, again, this comm is NOT specific to any other - it's 'The Muse/Mun Green Room', OK? Thanks!
25th-Jan-2008 02:05 pm - Me again...
Is there anyone here that is involved in RP for Criminal Minds? I am also going to ask around in some of the regular Criminal Minds communities, but it's kind of a small fandom, and so thought I would ask here too.
24th-Jan-2008 10:18 pm - Introduction...
Ummm hi. My name is Tara Todd, I'm a surgeon at Potomac Hospital in Quantico, Virginia. I also hold 2 PhD's - cultural Anthropology and Psychology to be specific. Oh! uh, and I'm 23 years old. I am always to meeting new people and making new friends, though with my schedule, I currently have NO social life to speak of.

[OOC] This is an OC based on the show Criminal Minds, and if anyone is interested, I could really use someone to play Spencer Reid, as this is a really new muse, and I am really new to the whole muse to begin with.
16th-Jan-2008 03:49 am - Introduction
A little bit shy

Hey, I'm Aglaia. Which, for anyone who's interested, means splendour or shining one.

I'm the youngest of three. Used to work for the not so great Aphrodite herself but we parted ways awhile back. Call it creative differences. 

Guess I just didn't have it in me to be a part of the love business. 

[ooc: Aglaia, otherwise known as the personification of beauty, hails from Greek mythology. She's open for RP and chat. =P]

1st-Jan-2008 01:26 pm - A New Year OOC resolution
Kaycee - OOC Chibi
.. for anyone interested and who might understand the significance?

Posted here with the LJ owner's permission, her lovely, succinct and very fitting rant for many to take note of and heed. And coming from this mun it's even more relevant, as she's one of the most tolerant, co-operative, honest and helpful muns I've had the pleasure of RPing with.

Thanks D!
15th-Dec-2007 05:09 pm - Community Pimping
OOC - Coffee Break
Hey Supernatural RP'ers and Fans!

I figured I would come over here and point out an RP community of mine that's just getting started that I would like to get some players in. :)

Currently I have a muse of Ben Braeden (mini_dean), and except for an occassional meme reply, i don't rp with him (because it's pretty hard to RP an 8 year old kid without other muses his own age).

However, since I've created the muse, I've been working with one of my good friends on a crack-au-verse RP idea where we finally finalized some of the details in the game.

The Community is called Warward Sons and can be found at http://community.livejournal.com/wayward_sons21/.

Premise of the Group (SPN season 3 spoilers)Collapse )

The WorldCollapse )

More information can be found in the Community Profile.

I'm only pimping here right now, so that people who have played with me get first shot. And no, you don't have to ap with you SPN character. You can go for someone else in the SPN verse that you might want to try your hands on. And any muse from any fandom is applicable, as long as you can figure out how they would exist in the verse and their place in it.

Take a look. We're still kinda making it up as we go along, but we'd like other people to come have fun.


Comment with questions.
11th-Dec-2007 02:11 am - Um, hey...
straight on
Yeah, so Jemaine told me about this place and said I should come and try and promote the band since Murray's not doing such a great job of it.

I'm Bret. I'm part of Flight of the Conchords, along with Jemaine. Uh... We're not terribly good, but it's a bit of fun. We've got one fan. Well, stalker really. Her name's Mel and she told me once about seeing fish have sex. Kinda weird, actually. Would rather never have heard that story.

Right, so. Hi. Everyone.
11th-Dec-2007 04:38 pm(no subject)
Where do I begin? Perhaps I just need to say what comes to mind.

My name is Fredericka Krueger. Please, call me Freddy. Yes, it is an unfortunate name. I have by now heard all of the ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ jokes. Though, I am certain someone will surprise or even horrify me with something new.

I am a retired doctor, who is looking forward to spending time getting back to painting. I gave up painting when in college to study a medical degree.

I also love to cook. I find passion with gardening and love second hand book shops.

(ooc: Freddy is a watcher from the highlander fandom. She is an oc. She is not all what she seems. Just a fair warning.)
9th-Dec-2007 10:52 pm - Heroes Game!!
[fancy] in those eyes
Hey everyone it's Elle Bishop [Not-MyFirstDay] & Adam Monore [Takezo-Kensei] here to tell you that we have started up a Heroes RPG game called Recreating Eden where Peter was not as quick as he'd like to be with stopping the virus from dropping on the ground. The virus spread and it did in fact kill off most of the world. Now it is one year later and people are trying to rebuild, trying to reclaim the world that some believe Adam destroyed. We are looking for some of the Core Cast Members, Peter, Nathan, Claire, Mohinder and Sylar. If you are interested in applying for any of these characters we are holding Open Auditions for them until the 14th at Midnight. Click here for the Audition Process!

We are also looking for Original Characters to play and we are Other Fandom Human Friendly as well as long as you can sort out how they survived! (no other super power people already though, we are looking for Doctors and similar "important people" for survival sakes) Application Here!

So please take a look and see if it's interesting to you!
9th-Dec-2007 11:06 pm - Help stop whaling
TW - Earth (tks jhava)
I received this today through email.

www.whalesrevenge.com is trying to get a million people to sign a petition
to stop whaling.
If you could tell as many people as you can about our website, that would be
a great help.
Thanks for your support and remember to sign the petition.


I don't know if many people realise the Japanese whaling fleets have set off for the Antarctic and are taking advantage of the end of the old IWC moratorium on the hunting of the humpback whale (now back down in the Antarctic for their feeding cycle). They have openly declared they will agaian kill humpbacks 'for scientific research'. I spent a number of years working in this field and there really is a need to get the IWC to move to prevent the farcical situation. I have no idea if this will make a difference, but at least it's something.
2nd-Dec-2007 11:54 pm - Introductions
Well. I'm mainly used to other people introducing me, particularly around the time that a new album comes out, but I think I can do this. Jesse tells me that I need to break free of my usual restrictions and start meeting new people. People who aren't models. In particular, girls who aren't models.

So, here I am. Jesse also tells me that it's imperative I state the following:

- My name is Adam Noah Levine, but only my mother calls me by my full name. And when she does, I hide.
- I am a Pisces, and according to a horoscope website, that means that I'm: imaginative, sensitive, compassionate, kind, selfless, unworldly, intuitive, and sympathetic. It also says that I'm an escapist and idealist, secretive, vague, weak-willed, and easily led. Take that for what you will.
- I was raised Jewish.
- I've got a mean sucker punch, but I make up for it with my soft and sensual hugs -- Typed by Jesse Carmichael.

I decided to leave that last thing in there, if only under the threat of horrendous threats involving bodily functions, excretions, fluids, and odors from Jesse.

Other than that, I've been told that I'm pretty easy going, though who can trust talk show hosts? Either way, I guess we could put their statement to the test. Stop and say hi.
2nd-Dec-2007 08:58 pm - I Should be Social, I Suppose...
Hello? Is this another one of those bizarre "community" things? Ah, well, when in Rome...

I'm Bella. Belladonna Minerva Moriarty. *curtsies*

I was born in Huddersfield, a small (although growing, I'm told) English university town where my father taught mathematics. When I was five he was forced to resigned his post, and we (him, my mother, and I) moved to Geneva, Switzerland. Soon after the birth of Maria, my younger sister, Father left us to live and work in London. He returned only to see me off to Heidelberg, where I was somehow admitted to study mathematics.

Father died in 1891, and the chancellor at Heidelberg advised me to leave the university before "any more of that horrid controversy comes out." So I did--I packed my bags, changed my last name to Spellgrove, and moved to Paris, where I discovered I have a small talent for portraiture.

In 1894, Mama wrote to me to say that she and my little sister were moving to London, and that I was welcome to join them if I wished. After events of a dark and disturbing nature, I moved to Meiringen, Switzerland, where my father had died years previously. 

Currently, I am attempting to improve my mind and life by looking forward instead of into the past. I am now in Paris again, slowly making a return to London.  

OOC: Bella Moriarty, from Leslie Bricusse's Sherlock Holmes: The Musical.  Vindictive eldest daughter of mathematical and criminal mastermind Professor James Moriarty.  Bella is in numerous RP/prompt communities and is eager to interact with other muses.  She tends to swing between hopeful optimism and (very) deep despair/anger, so be warned. 
2nd-Dec-2007 05:31 pm - Brand New Community
Community name: Prompting muses
Community link: prompting_muses
Muses accepted: All, but only one of each.
Limit on muse numbers per mun: No, as long as you can handle them you can fic for them
Limit on number of specific muses permitted: N/A
Number and frequency of prompts provided: A prompt list is posted at the beginning of the month containing 15 to 20 prompts.
Regularity of responses to remain active: At least one post a month per muse.
Restrictions on prompt responses: Prompts must be at least 150 words or more.
Opportunity to suggest prompts: Yes
Type of prompts: A mixture of quotes, songs, proverbs, images, questions and anything else you can think of.
Response RPing available in com: Rping is not allowed in com, such matters should be posted in members journals and the mods will not moderate the rping. That is up to the muns themselves.
Restrictions: Any age. ALL prompts must carry an age rating and anything of an adult nature will be under a cut.

This is a brand new prompting community and characters are all up for grabs!
1st-Dec-2007 11:35 am - Listen up folks!
We're on the final slide, the last four weeks before the big Kahuna takes the sleigh out for his annual jaunt, and the list is now up to checkin' it twice.

So, now's the time you need to make good, right? All them naughty things? Fix 'um. All them good things? Keep them comin! Can't hurt to have all that credit, right? Right? Good!
In case anyone doesn't read the newsletter that LJ send out to let us know their latest way of making money news and upgrades, there's this post in their lj_biz comm about the new (at last!) ability to set a censorship level on your LJ and your comms.

There's two settings:-

Adult Content - anything not suitable for anyone under the age of 14
Explicit Adult Content - anything not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.

It's all explained in this post so take a look. For once they seem like they're finally getting their act together with something we don't have to pay for and is to everyone's benefit.

Not too sure on the ability of people to be able to flag content etc though...
21st-Nov-2007 01:15 pm(no subject)
This is going to be awkward, I’m not good with words I prefer using paints, canvas and brushes. My name is, Damian Audr. I’m a creative artist…

*Stares blankly. Pauses, and, laughs.*

Now, I know why I have a publicist.

Damian Audr is from the highlander fandom as a OC. He is an Immortal.
See user info page for more info.
relax w/guitar
Hello. *lifts up a hand* Before you say anything, that is not an Australian accent. It's a New Zealand accent. I will not "put some shrimp on the barbie" for you. I've never don'e that in my life. Well, I may make an exception if you're a pretty girl and that's your thing, though I'd rather just buy you a kebab. Or dance at you. Women like guys who dance, don't they? I want a girl who is so attractive that she could have been an airline hostess in the 60's.

Anyway, my name's Jemaine. I'm one half of New Zealand's fourth most popular folk rock duo, Flight of the Conchords. I'll be lucky if you've heard of us, our manager is rather terrible. He shot our music video on a camera phone. We've relocated to New York to hopefully make it into the music business. I like ducks, sandwiches, strip bars, and not getting mugged. Talk to me, unless you're a stalker. We do have one, she's scary. None of you would be able to book us a gig by any chance...?

OOC: Jemaine is from the HBO series "Flight of the Conchords". I'll be playing his fictional character from the show, not as he is in real life. He's goofy and open for roleplay. I hope to have fun with him!
16th-Nov-2007 08:56 am(no subject)
Hi, I’m Amphitrite.

I am a professional singer/dancer. Currently, I am unemployed and looking for a job which will allow me to show my talents. When I’m not singing and dancing I love the beach, art galleries, travel and meeting new people.

Come say hello to me. Don't be shy!

Forgets to say she is Queen Amphitrite. A Nereid and Wife to king_of_the_sea)
15th-Nov-2007 03:12 am(no subject)
Dr. Gregory House. That's the only information about me you need to know that's relevant for any of you.

This is the part where you now introduce yourself to me and say a little something about whatever you consider relevant for me to know. Make it interesting, though. I'm easily bored.
12th-Nov-2007 11:26 pm - Introduction
psychic detective
Hi, how are you doing! It's so nice to meet you! I'm Shawn Spencer and- whoooo, wait! Don't say a word! Shh. I can feel it. Rockets... launching... no, not launching, opening... opera opening, o-o-overture, overture? Dude! Introduction! That's it! That's what you're here for, you totally came here to read my introduction! Honestly, I feel flattered.

Alright, I admit it. That was just for the dramatic effect, I know, there just really is nothing on TV right now.

Anyway! I am the Psychic Consultant slash Head Psychic of the Santa Barbara Police Department. We also run our own little business, so, for professional psychic help feel free to contact our psychic detective agency 'Psych'! I've already been helping out on a lot of cases and oh my God the knife wasn’t a knife at all, your ancestors would be so proud, stop the stapler!!

... Sorry. I got temporary carried away by spectral obliquities. You know, like that Alex kid in Jaws. Only, not by that shark but the spirits of the astral plane. Then again, yes, sorta like Jaws, just with an astral shark. Not in the shape of a shark, well, frankly I don't know the shape of astral apparitions, at least not the ones that are invisible to the eye, since seeing them psychically is different to seeing things with your eyes. Sometimes it's just stronger than me, it's... twisting... like a carnival ride... inside my head... which is actually quite a scary thought, because I wouldn't know where that should fit and a small miniature carnival ride just doesn't have the power to remain a good metaphor.


But dude, I can totally sense this place is awesome!

Pineapple, anyone?

OOCCollapse )
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