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The Green Room
Where entertainers and their management gather.
From the captain. 
24th-Mar-2008 09:14 am
I have been around for a few years now, I am a old hand at the ropes as they say. Every once in a while I like to re-introduce myself, as I believe making contact with new individuals broadens one’s horizons.

I am Captain Breacan Sanchez, at your service.

(ooc: for those whose muses know such things the captain is a selkie/fey Immortal. He can be in any time/line before 1100 and after his death 1100.)
19th-Apr-2008 08:42 am (UTC)
Well, it's great money if you can get your face out there, especially on covers and it's easy work...most of the time.

ooc- Will do.
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