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The Green Room

Where entertainers and their management gather.

The Muse/Mun Green Room
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Role players and their pups meeting others!
So not only has your pup enticed you to register them their own LJ, but they want to play with others! This could be the place you're looking for, feel welcome to take a look, watch from a lounge chair or get right in amongst it.

Some communities that might interest you, or more likely your pup:

The City that Never Sleeps - est. 14 Nov, 2004
cityneversleeps is based on New York City, NY. It's The City, and if your pup is looking to 'live' somewhere, hey, this can be home if they want! Or if you're looking for a more specific place to meet someone, you can suggest Central Park, or one of the establishments already set up in The City. One of them has it's own comm... unitingkingdoms

Uniting Kingdoms - est. 28 Feb 2005, officially opened for business 17 March 2005 unitingkingdoms
Originally opened as the_lounge_tm it was remodelled into as authentic an Irish pub as you're likely to find - Uniting Kingdoms! Invite people you've just met and want to have a drink with, or enjoy a simple good, home cooked meal. Or even if your pup is just looking for someone to talk to, there's the regular singer, Kaycee, or the young barman, Gabe.

Writing challenge communities give our pups somewhere to come to life, giving them a chance to stretch and present themselves to the world. Or, well at least to those others in that comm. Sometimes our pups though aren't satisfied with just prompts, so they force beg to play with other pups. Be it responding to another pup's responses or meeting pups through introductions they want to interact. And that's when you get RP. As has been clearly defined in some prompt/challenge communities, they are not for RPing. But there are a heap of comms that are! A list of ones we know about is being compiled here, and part of the 'RPG Guide for Dummies'. If you know of more then feel free to add them to that thread, using the format laid out in the post. Also feel free to post that same thing in a new thread here too, so it shows up on f'lists now.

The Green Room is not limited to one specific comm, and is open for all Muns/Muses who want to chat, meet up with other Muns/Muses (hence the TM... The Mun's/Muses' Green Room as the comm 'the_green_room' and 'thegreenroom' are already taken). Have your Muse post an intro, or maybe have a rant, or some 'musey' reflections. Or you as a Mun might have questions, or be looking for some feedback or input on something. Both, or even all, are welcome here.

But why The Muse/Mun Green Room? The 'green room' is a very old and well known term 'in the industry' for a place where actors, other artists and their entourages gather. If you've never heard the term, here's some good references. The Origin of the expression "Green Room" and also Wikipedia's definition. (Thanks F!mun!) Don't worry if you haven't heard of it, you're still welcome to join in!

This is a place where roleplayers (RPers) can gather and talk about their pups (that's what OOC is - talking as yourself the mun, not the muse). Have an idea for a plot and want others to join in/take part/contribute? Shout your idea out in here and see who's looking around for some action. Want to plug a party or event that's open to everyone? Here's your place to post about it.

Use this space to fangirl/boy RP threads, or even to post a quote from within a prompt or thread that you feel deserves a comment, and others should read. You can also post articles on roleplaying, or anything you find that might be of interest to the group. Or maybe you have started a new RP game and are looking for players. Post away and let other interested players know. Or if you're on the lookout for a game, hang around and see what might come up. (BTW - when posting about games? Remeber, lj-cut is your friend!)

And here are the lists of writing communities, as added by you the community members.

Plus a list of RPGs for your perusal.

Remember, the more information you add, the more people will have the opportunity to learn about your communities.

Articles of Interest Found Here:

There is currently a 'RPG for Dummies' Guide under construction. The first 2 sections have been posted through here. Sections 3 & 4 (the Guidelines and FAQ) will be revealed as soon as it's in some semblance of completion that is .. revealable? (yeah, yeah, creative writing includes creating your own words too!)

orlandomuse found an article on roleplaying etiquette. Click Here to Read More

So... join up, jump in, and have some fun with others who are also looking to do some RPing!

The graphics used in the 'Green Room' are the creations of an incredibly talented lady by the name of Moyra - sadly her site no longer exists. The set currently being used is called 'Precolumbian'. To you, wherever you may be, creator of the gems mined in the Mines of Moyra, thanks for sharing your incredible talents!